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Who am I?

I am an artist. My paintings are not selling like hot cakes and my music isn’t aired on the radio. However, I am an artist because this is how I’ve known myself for my entire life. From music studies throughout childhood and teenage years, to graphics and painting courses, computerized graphics (resulting in a five years less than artistic endeavor in the field of advertising), I always gravitated around art, in one form or another. Well, with the exception of my incursion for about eight years in the written press as a journalist. Just a job, I always say. Nice job, fun memories, good, close friends…

Photography is a rediscovered passion. My dearly departed father was a photographer and a graphics designer. Good or bad, it makes no difference because he had that great passion for it. I bought my first camera with him, when I was about 18; a soviet Zenit with a 50 mm lens. I got from him the rest of the equipment needed to improvise my own dark room and do my own pictures entirely. And bam! I was doing everything related to photography by myself. Good or bad? Again, it didn’t matter. Being in my dark room was the most exciting, personal and artistic activity.

When digital came into play, I was a happy hippo. I’m not nostalgic in this regard, so I was quite happy with the shoot – see the result procedure. But the starting of digital era coincided with my journalism period during which I was quite busy with my work, so I kept photography at a casual level for a good number of years. My passion reignited a few years ago, when I bought new equipment. I’m also currently studying photography, film and image at the Bucharest University of Arts.

Contact me: http://marcfaur.ro/contact/